Hudson Services

In addition to its suite of versatile applications, The Hudson Group also offers several additional service options to its clients. These alternatives take advantage of computer telephony, database, EDI and web-based services to help our customers streamline their operations and better manage their information infrastructure while promoting both a reduction of overhead and significant increases in revenue.

HWeb SafetyNet
HWeb SafetyNet is an automated database backup system. The SafetyNet application is installed on your network file server and connects from once to several times per day (based on configuration) and uploads to a remote and secure Hudson controlled server, all of your critical HWeb files: fare and configuration files, CSV's, client, reservation, trip, invoice, profile details. This is the information that would be crippling to your business if ever lost or destroyed. Hudson staff monitors daily that the backups are being completed on schedule and immediately investigates and corrects any backup irregularities.

Should an event occur in your facility that warrants activation of the SafetyNet restore process, you would dial Hudson's Tech Supprt Emergency line. Within a few minutes, Tech Support staff will begin the restoration of your data to an already prepared online Terminal Services interface. Your staff will then connect via Internet to a temporary Hudson hosted server. You will quickly resume your normal reservation, dispatching, accounting and reporting activities.

The SafetyNet program IS NOT intended to replace your existing data backup system or procedure. It IS intended to augment your current backup system and help you to recover in the event that a "what-if" worst-case scenario were to strike your business. Download a flyer with some additional information here. You can also view a TechTips EXTRA article which outlines some enhancements included in HWeb SafetyNet 2.0.


HWeb Mail
If you are having trouble with your e-Mail provider, are constantly bombarded with unwanted mail, or have multiple email accounts with different providersthat you wish you could manage more easily, then HWeb Mail may be your solution. This comprehensive and inexpensive mail service will work from any web enabled computer. You can keep your existing software (Outook, Thunderbird, Mac Mail, etc.) or use any web enabled device to view and manage your mail from anyplace you happen to travel. Get up to 50 mailboxes, 3-5GB of data storage capacity per mailbox, email aliases, contact management, anti-spam, anti-virus, auto-respond, auto-forward, calendar, task list and notes functionality, 50 MB file attachment capability and so very much more.

Use the system that Hudson uses for its own high-volume and high demand email handling! All information is written to rednundant servers so that if your primary email connection ever experiences a problem, your connection is immediately routed to a secondary server resulting in no downtime or data loss. Full backups of your data are made monthly, along with weekly incremental backups so data retrieve is quick and easy. Perhaps best of all - HWeb Mail is specifically configured to work with Hudson applications, so if you are using HWeb Mail, your confirmations, boarding passes and other templates are handled quickly and efficiently. Download and view the HWeb Mail flyer for additional information.


HWeb Hosted Network Applications
Hudson realizes that one of the biggest obstacles facing our clients is the daunting task of maintaining a current, secure and updated office network. Server hardware and backup equipment can be expensive to purchase and is often dated before it is even a few months old. Networking software can be very expensive and confusing to purchase, install and configure. After investing thousands into your network, it is still vulnerable to vandalism, power outages, mechanical failure, fire, flood, etc. If your network is down, so is your business! In today's business environment, this is simply and positively unacceptable!

The Hudson Group has your solution:

Internet-Based Server and Software Hosting

What it is:

  • The Hudson group maintains several high speed, efficient, and state of the art web-based servers. These are the same servers that you and your clients utilize when placing and accessing online (Internet) reservations.
  • We install your "local office" reservation software, database, fare and configuration files on one of our on-line servers.
  • You access those servers from any desktop or laptop computer and from any location where you have Internet access. This also means that you can be using any compatible hardware running any standard Operating System, inluding Windows, Linux, Apple OSX.
  • Once connected to the secure Hudson server, you then login to your HWeb Agent, HWeb Dispatcher, HWeb Utilities and HWeb Admin programs the same way you would if the programs were running in your office on your network hardware.
  • You view and manage your daily business in the same manner you are currently accustomed to.

Your Benefits:

  • Ability to enter reservations, dispatch, run reports and manage your business from any location in the world where you have reliable Internet service (including office, home, airports, hotels and even vacation destinations)!
  • Cost and challenge of maintaining and supporting an office network is drastically reduced or eliminated.
  • You now have access to reliable, secure, efficient and state-of-the-art server hardware, monitored and supported 24 hours daily, 365 days a year.
  • You will be using the most current and updated networking software.
  • Newest versions of Hudson software are updated and installed regularly.
  • Quicker, easier and more frequent database support and updates by Hudson Tech Support department.
  • Quicker response time for support issues - Hudson has easy 24 hour access to your system and database greatly simplifying requests for support assistance.
  • FREE automated nightly backups (7 days/week) of your database, fare files, Dispatch grids, etc., via the HWeb SafetyNet program (see section above for more information on this service).
Getting setup and established on one of our hosted servers is quick and easy. If you are already a Hudson client running software on your own network, we will help migrate your system and data to our online servers. If you are considering Hudson for your company's software needs, then why not investigate this option before you begin purchasing and upgrading your office equipment. A monthly server hosting fee will be charged to your account based on the number of concurrent users you wish to have enabled. Contact The Hudson Group today for more information on this increasingly popular and cost-effective service alternative.